Consultation is generally available in office, at home, at school, or in the community. Please note to measures taken due to managing COVID-19, currently all sessions occur using telepsychology methods.

Some areas you might come to us for help with include (but are not limited to):

  • Assessment for autism spectrum disorder
  • ABA/EIBI (early intensive behavioral intervention) for children with autism
  • Self-injurious behaviour
  • Aggression to others
  • Property destruction
  • Repetitive/ritualistic/compulsive behaviours
  • Food refusal and picky eating
  • Positive parenting/parenting skills
  • Desensitization/exposure to various environmental difficulties
  • Social skills training
  • Safety skills training
  • Transition planning
  • Skills assessment
  • Program/IEP review
  • Verbal behaviour skills
  • Functional/daily living skills
  • Sleep disorders and sleep problems in children
  • Bedwetting
  • Rapid toilet training (using Azrin & Foxx’s “toilet training in less than a day”)
  • Other problem behaviours
  • Sport psychology – performance enhancing consulting
  • Sport psychology – mental prep/toughness
  • Staff or support training
  • Workshops and training

Services can be tailored to individuals with and without developmental disabilities and autism or other psychiatric disorders (e.g., ASD, FASD, ADHD).

Workshops on a variety of topics are available upon request.

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